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I am dedicated to continuous self-improvement, constantly expanding my skill set and never shying away from learning new things. I strive to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the industry, ensuring that my work reflects the cutting edge.

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Graph QL 3+ Month.

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Firebase 6+ Month.

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Three JS 2+ Month.

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Framer Motion 6+ Month.

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Tailwind CSS 10+ Month.

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Next JS 16+ Month.

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React JS 18+ Month.

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JavaScript 2+ Year.

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C# 24+ Month.

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Unity 24+ Month.

🤝 Working with Okan from Heraklet has been a true pleasure! His seamless collaboration, prompt updates, and exceptional support have greatly impressed us. We are grateful for his professional services, which have significantly improved our global community outreach..

Musa Toktaş

Co-Founder and CEO at Heraklet

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💯 Collaborating with him was incredibly easy and enjoyable. The seamless teamwork, prompt updates, and exceptional support truly impressed us. We are grateful for his professional services, which have greatly enhanced our communication with the global community.

Batuhan Polat

Founder of the Polat Rental

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My Education Background.

I completed my university education at Aydın University Faculty of Fine Arts in Istanbul, with an average GPA of 2.75/4.00.During the early years of university, I taught myself programming through my own efforts, using C# and the Unity game engine. I focused on understanding these two technologies step by step and grasping their concepts as much as possible. This enabled me to build a solid foundation in software development and increased my confidence in my abilities.Later on, I shifted my focus towards web projects and continued to learn software development by reading articles, books, and participating in courses online. I am still dedicated to improving my skills and bridging any knowledge gaps in order to become even better.


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